Magnificent show production in front of Potsdam’s castles

The Potsdamer Schlössernacht (Potsdam Castle Night) in the parks of Sanssouci Palace has been one of the cultural highlights in Brandenburg’s capital for over 20 years. On two successive summer evenings, the gardens and castles are transformed into a huge open-air stage for numerous national and international artists and musicians. At the same time, elaborate light, art and video installations delight over 20,000 visitors across the entire area.

Kultur im Park GmbH traditionally relies on the experience and know-how of Potsdamer Feuerwerk when it comes to the conception and composition of their closing shows on both evenings. In close collaboration we coordinate the overall staging from the first idea to the final technical implementation and ensure the perfect interplay of music, laser and light effects as well as pyrotechnical accents and special effects.

In recent years we were able to stage pyro-musicals at the New Palace and multimedia shows at the Orangery Palace. In combination with artists such as laser violinist Mona Seebohm and the LED and fire artists from Loooop, spectacular shows were created that captivated the audience.

A particular challenge when planning and realizing these projects is undoubtedly the special consideration of the protection of historical monuments as well as the requirements for the conservation of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. We therefore pay particular attention to the preservation of the park and its green spaces as well as the historical buildings in all our work.

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Potsdamer Schloessernacht Feuerwerk
Potsdamer Schloessernacht Lasertunnel
Potsdamer Schloessernacht Feuerwerk

“The Potsdamer Feuerwerk team have established themselves from the very first minute as a professional and strong partner of the Potsdamer Schlössernacht. From the first brainstorming for our closing shows to the final implementation on site, we work hand in hand on our common goal: fascinating over 20,000 visitors with our elaborate and imposing show productions in front of the historical backdrop.
Potsdamer Feuerwerk demonstrates year after year how well the world cultural heritage can be staged using the latest technology. The pyro musicals and multimedia shows of the past years were undoubtedly the highlights of our event.”

Marcus Mechelhoff, CEO of Kultur im Park GmbH

Production: Potsdamer Feuerwerk Vertriebs GmbH
By order of Kultur im Park GmbH
Pyro Design: Thomas Schenkluhn
Laser Design: Martin Kudyba
Photos & Videos: Jan Schugardt, Elena Gesch

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