Potsdamer Feuerwerk GmbH

Partners & Links

Partner company:

NICO Europe
One of the leading suppliers of pyrotechnics for the retail industry with more than 25 years’ worth of trading experience. The products of NICO Europe are manufactured according to German quality and safety-standards and are checked by the Federal Institute for Material Testing, the German BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und –prüfung).

NICO Feuerwerk 
An expert in the fireworks trade with more than 200 years of experience. Our partner for innovative fireworks highlights for battery fireworks.

Lasa Berlin
Out partner for laser, show and projection amazes audience at events, parties and presentations with breathtaking laser shows since 1993. In addition to light projections in all conceivable forms their service also includes tailor-made special effects for their clients. Their design, development and realization of these projects have for years turned customer ideas into unforgettable pictures.

Our partner for lighting systems. Light-Tool is an experienced light design company that works with architects, constructors, event organizers and industrial clients. The company sees itself as a package service provider for all areas of light technology, especially LED-technology.


Reederei Riedel
Reederei Riedel is one of Berlin’s major shipping companies in the passenger shipping branch. The company’s fleet consists of 16 passenger vessels. Every day, guests have the possibility of getting to know Berlin in the course of a Bridge Tour, a City Centre Tour, or Spree Cruise.


Sprengtechnik Siegen
Experienced trainers school the participants in cutting-edge explosives technology and share their personal experience. The main aim is to convey a competent and responsible working method.

Sprengschule Dresden
The school for pyrotechnics in Dresden is an internationally renowned educational institution and a competent and efficient partner for us in all questions regarding engineering advice.

Pyrotechncal seminars with Horst Laser
Horst Laser offers state-certified courses in the area of pyrotechnics. Successful completion of the seminar allows participants to execute pyrotechnical activities in theatres or similar venues and to fire fireworks displays.

Ostdeutscher Feuerwerkerverein e. V (East German Fireworks Association).
The East German Fireworks Association offers seminars on large-scale and stage fireworks, which teach the correct execution of pyrotechnics events.


Arbeitsgemeinschaft City e. V.
For several years we have been members of AG City, which is a network between companies, businessmen and culture managers for promoting projects and initiatives in trade, urban development, and culture as well as for representation of interests in politics and towards authorities, associations, chambers and the media.

BERLIN leuchtet e. V.
This society BERLIN leuchtet is an association of companies, clubs, institutions and media partners, organizing the “Festival of Lights” each October. It uses the symbolic power of light, literally spotlighting positive and internationally prominent developments and characteristics of Berlin.


Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung
(Federal Institute for Material Testing)
The Federal Institute for Material Testing carries out material testing and research with the aim of improving the technology and safety of the materials and chemicals and is an important partner for institutions in trade, industry, politics and consumers.

Aquarella Berlin
A parade of illuminated vessels boating upstream the Spree river through the city centre, passing by modern and historic Buildings of Berlin. Laser illuminations combined with impressive mise-en-scène of light make Berlin’s sights shine in all their glory.