Potsdamer Feuerwerk GmbH

We offer a comprehensive service

It goes without saying that we design every firework display individually and according to your personal wishes. It is the aim of our endeavours to amaze you and your guest with our shows, and make the event an unforgettable one.

Our service for you encompasses the following points:

Individual consultation

In order to make the firework for your event a unique experience, we conduct in-depth talks with you to sound out what you would like us to do. Together we will decide on a suitable choreography with the fitting effects, giving your firework your very own individual note.

Execution of the firework

Our pyro technicians typically start to work on your firework several weeks before the event – just as our work is still not finished long after the last spark has died away. Most of the preparations and post-production activities are conducted away from the eyes of the spectators, but they are a decisive basis for a successful evening of fire magic in the sky.

Our licensed pyro technicians will:

  • consult with the client,
  • inspect the firing site with regard to safety,
  • help chose the effects and choreography,
  • obtain all necessary permits from the authorities,
  • conduct the planning, set-up and firing of the firework display,
  • take care of the dismantling and clearing at the site after the firework,
  • and dispose the left-over in a professional and environmentally responsible fashion.

Tour service

You’re going on tour? We will certainly be happy to accompany your tour with an individually tailored pyrotechnical program. It doesn’t matter what type of events (concerts, festivals, theatre) or how long your tour is going to continue for: we will be there with support and advice for the whole duration. We will inspect all the venues, acquire all the necessary permits and work hand in hand with all other parties involved (authorities, catering companies, security, etc.).

Video and photo service

If you wish for it, just inform us in advance and we will make a video or selected photos of your event. It’ll make your evening truly unforgettable!

Additional services

Alomg with our multi-media and fireworks shows, we offer numerous additional services which can be realized through our partners. You can profit from the large network of providers and use our contacts to other professionals in the event business:

Safety first!

Your and your guests’ safety is the number one priority for us. We very much would like you to remember us as a highly professional team that gave you a wonderful firework experience. Avoiding damages to objects and especially people is therefore the most important basic prerequisite for a show. The fact that in all our company’s history, we have never had to put in a claim with our insurance is, we think, a pretty good indicator for the professionalism and the safe and precise work of our team.
Insurance cover  

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