Ground and baroque fireworks

Your personal festive highlight

Experience baroque fireworks – just as people centuries ago were amazed and fascinated by them. Sovereigns set off grandiose fireworks at their courts and word of these fantastic displays would spread far beyond the borders of their realms. Harmonizing with the architecture and landscape around them, and accompanied by festive music, baroque fireworks are characterized by many ground level effects and riotous colors creating a stunning overall work of art. Baroque, or ground fireworks, will transform landscapes, gardens and buildings into an enchanted tapestry of fire making them the absolute highlight for everyone at fairs, wedding celebrations, castle and palace festivals and events in parks.

Our repertoire includes traditional baroque elements of fireworks such as: Waterfalls; Roman lights; Bengal fires; fiery suns; volcanos; fountains; firework batteries; rising crowns; water fountains; pictures and words in flame; as well as fire pots, which are placed and fired symmetrically.