PFE Profi Midi – 1 Output

This receiver is a very cost-effective approach for the following applications:

– Firing of ice fountains in the catering industry

– Lighting candles on the tables of a gala night

– Blasting of balloons

– Illuminations with many different firing positions

– Projects where you take it into account that the receiver is being destroyed

Free assignment of firing cuesYes, 1-999
PFE Profi Midi - 1 Output - Großansicht
Full view
PFE Profi Midi - 1 Output - Großansicht
Full view
PFE Profi Midi - 1 Output - Anzeige- und Bedienelemente
PFE Profi Midi - 1 Output - Mit Schelldruckklemmen
With quick-fastening clamps
PFE Profi Midi - 1 Output - Buchsen für Klemmen
Plugs for the quick-fastening clamps

Wireless programming of parametersYes
Firing voltage20 V
Firing energy, Source of firing energy44 mC, 1 Capacitor, 2,200 uF
e-matches in seriesconnection10 A, 10 U
e-matches in parallelconnection10 A, 5 U
Short circuit protection of outputYes
Output with intelligentMOSFET-TransistorsYes
OK test function(continuity test of firing lines)Yes, optical
Operation timeAlkaline 2,700 mAh: 20 h
Radio range outdoor150 m – 800 m
Radio range indoor50 m – 200 m
Radio range test functionYes, 0-99%, in steps of 20%
Battery test functionYes, 0-99%, in steps of 20%
Battery monitoringYes
Power supplyBatteries: 2 x Alkaline AA 1,5 V
Independent from mains supplyYes
HousingMiniaturized plastic housing
Belt ClipYes, optional
Indicators10 LEDs
Additional safety featuresMagnetic pen
Dimensions without quick-fasteningclamps65 x 21 x 120 mm
Dimensions with quick-fasteningclamps65 x 21 x 145 mm
Net weight160 g
Possibility of firmware updatesYes
Radio modulesfully integrated

The receiver is operating on a fixed frequency, enabling a lower price. We recommend to use the PFC Advanced with this receiver because you can select the appropriate radio channel (i.e. frequency) in the controller’s menu.
i.p. = in preparation

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