IGA Opening 2017:

Fire flowers made by Potsdamer Feuerwerk

IGA stands for “Internationale Gartenausstellung“ (International Garden Exhibition). It is the very first time for IGA to take place in Berlin. From 13 April to 15 October 2017, under the motto “An OCEAN of colors” the expected two millions of visitors can marvel at international garden art in spectacular water gardens, on sunlit, sloped terraces, and in changing flower exhibitions in Berlin’s “Gärten der Welt” (Gardens of the world) as well as in the newly created Kienbergpark – A “fireworks of flowers”, so to speak.

Apropos fireworks: Also, the Potsdamer Fecouerwerk team was on site at the IGA opening 2017 and contributed fire flowers to the festival of garden art.

IGA-Eröffnung 2017 Gärten der Welt Berlin
IGA-Eröffnung 2017 Gärten der Welt Berlin
Foto: Jan Schugardt

At the start of IGA 2017 with citizens‘ fair, around 5,000 people gathered in the new arena, which was specially built for IGA 2017 and thus put into operation, in order to listen to the speeches of the Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Berlin’s ruling mayor Michael Müller. In the evening, the speeches were followed by a live concert of the band “Karat“ and several live acts of Schiller, Dundu the magical being, and the Flying Steps on the arena’s stage.

At the peak of the opening celebration, Potsdamer Feuerwerk let off a six minute pyro-musical to Edward Elgar’s and Arthur Christopher Benson’s Song “Land of Hope and Glory”. In Addition, the roof of the new arena was put in the limelight with flame projectors and technical fireworks.

• Production: Potsdamer Feuerwerk Vertriebs GmbH
• Pyro-Design: Thomas Schenkluhn
• Photos & Video: Jan Schugardt

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