Holzmarkt Opening

Special Effects by Potsdamer Feuerwerk

Once upon a time not so long ago in Friedrichshain, people partied wild and for days in Ber-lin’s Bar25 – until the premises were sold in 2010 and the party was terminated. Seven years of construction later, on the mentioned plot, where meanwhile a restaurant and a new club had been newly opened, an alternative “village of creative facilities” (Source: Berliner Zeitung) with an extensive cultural offer including DJs, walking acts, cinema, and an extra area for children, has risen.

The newly created Holzmarkt 25 consists of several buildings. Besides club and restaurant, inter alia, a music studio, an event hall, a beach bar at the Spree bank, a beer garden, a theatre, a cinema, a bakery, as well as a day care center and a playground can be found there – and this is not at all the end of the road.

Under the motto “We play it colorful and remain pink“, the new Holzmarkt opened its doors for the general public on 1 May, and Potsdamer Feuerwerk got in on the act with lots of special effects and a highlighting display fireworks.

True to the motto, soap bubbles were spread en masse all over the location, and at the admission, as well as now and then at the “village square”, pink confetti was scattered by means of MagicFX Super Blaster XL as scenic effects. Additionally, the whole lighting of the area was shaded in pink, and the shore line of the river Spree at the Holzmarkt area was illuminated and befogged on either side.

The highlight of Potsdamer Feuerwerks’ special effects for the Holzmarkt Opening certainly was the six-minute display fireworks, which was of course also fitted out with many pink effects and accompanied by a fire picture in the form of a huge 25, following the names of the old Bar25 and of the newly arisen Holzmarkt 25.


• Production: Potsdamer Feuerwerk Vertriebs GmbH
• Pyro-Design: Klaus Preuße
• Foto & Video: Willy Rusche

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