Brandenburg-Tag 2016

Potsdamer Feuerwerk: Well-placed in the race at Brandenburg-Tag

Since 1995, the Land of Brandenburg regularly hosts a two-day festival with a funfair called Brandenburg-Tag, taking place under different mottos over a weekend. The mega event, attracting about 200,000 visitors, is staged in changing towns of Brandenburg, like Potsdam, Spremberg, Neuruppin, and many more.

This year, it was the 15th time. The event took place under the motto “Hoppegarten – well-placed in the race” on the racecourse Hoppegarten. Members of the politic, culture, economic, educational, sports, and volunteering branches of the Land presented themselves onstage and at numerous information desks. Horseraces, carriage and stallion parades were also part of the agenda.

After having caused fascination with spectacular display fireworks at the 2014 event, again this year Potsdamer Feuerwerk topped the event with a presentation consisting of a choreographed laser show combined with a splendid pyro musical.

We already look forward to Brandenburg-Tag 2018 in Wittenberge.

 Project Management: Björn Wilhelm
 Show Design: Thomas Schenkluhn
 Photos: Jan Schugardt

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