Pyro Games / Magdeburg

Magdeburg, September 27th 2008 – Pyro Games – a breathtaking fireworks event that is popular with both families and enthusiasts – even outshining New Year´s Eve – taking place several times a year in several German cities. Our Pyromusicals are always a great success!
On Saturday, September 27th 2008 four selected and prize-winning firework professionals from Germany competed for entry into the finals of the Pyro Games 2008 during an exciting competition in Magdeburg Elbauenpark – to the delight of the spectators.
As winner of the Pyro Games 2007, and thus defending champion in the finals 2008, it was a great pleasure for our team to put on a show for the Magdeburg audience, and a special personal highlight for our pyrotechnician Manuel Stahl. The song, “Musik”, by the band Moskote – of which he was a member for several years – was chosen for this show. The video shows the highlights of our pyro musical – produced and executed by Potsdamer Feuerwerk.

More information about the Pyro Games:

Production: Potsdamer Feuerwerk Vertriebs GmbH
Project Management: Björn Wilhelm
Pyro-Design: Thomas Schenkluhn
Programming: Thomas Schenkluhn
Firing system: Galaxis Pyrotec Advanced Serie

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