o2 World – EHC Eisbären Championship Party

The local heroes on the ice, the ice hockey team EHC Eisbären Berlin, have done it: German Ice Hockey Champion 2011! After the title win, the main sponsor of the team, the DIY-store chain Hornbach asked us to design and produce a multimedia show for the event. The firm’s current marketing claim “Make it your project” served us as a point of reference. Within only 4 days we put together a thrilling show above the open-air area at the O2-World which included impressive representations of the logos of both the team and the sponsor.
We congratulate the EHC Eisbären for winning the championship and thank Hornbach for their support and cooperation!

 Production: Potsdamer Feuerwerk Vertriebs GmbH
 Project Management: Björn Wilhelm
 Pyro-Design: Thomas Schenkluhn
 Laser-Design: Max Weidling
 Programming: Thomas Schenkluhn, Max Weidling
Firing system: Galaxis Pyrotec Advanced Serie

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