125 years of Ku´damm – Opening party

Berlin’s most famous boulevard Kurfürstendamm, celebrated it’s 125th anniversary between May and October 2011 with a line up of exciting events. For the opening event, we set up a light display with pyrotechnical effects on the roof of the new skyscraper-hotel „Zoofenster“ in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Several thousand watts of lighting and hundreds of individually ignited pyrotechnical stage effects created an awesome display on the 118 meter-high building. In cooperation with Andreas Boehlke, Managing Director of Boehlke Elektroinstallationen GmbH, who was also the creative head behind the idea, we sponsored the light- and fire festival in a large part ourselves. The design of the lights and pyro-effects was created by Thomas Mainzer and Thomas Schenkluhn.

We thank Andreas Boehlke for the enlightening cooperation!

 Production: Potsdamer Feuerwerk Vertriebs GmbH
 Project Management: Andreas Boehlke, Jörg Vogel
 Pyro-Design: Thomas Schenkluhn
 Licht-Design: Thomas Mainzer
 Programming: Thomas Schenkluhn, Thomas Mainzer
Firing system: Galaxis Pyrotec Advanced Serie

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