German Football Association Cup Final – VIP-Party FC Schalke 04

The premier league team FC Schalke 04 crowned their season finale by winning the DFB cup and celebrating the win with guests directly afterwards at the club Spindler & Klatt. Many German celebrities such as Veronica Ferres, Günther Netzer and Frank-Walter Steinmeier attended and congratulated the team around national goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

Befitting the grandiose victory, we provided an equally grand spectacle at the end of the party. The interior of the hip club was utilized for an impressive multimedia show with laser effects in the team’s colors and fantastic indoor-pyrotechnical effects. Light installations, glowing balloons with the team logo, and animated laser graphics in the outdoor area proclaimed to everyone who was celebrating their victory here.

Since football writes its own history, we developed two different show concepts. In case of a defeat we would have transformed the event into a different VIP-party. But since the team fulfilled the expectations and won the cup, we were able to provide an appropriate celebratory response. Once again we would like to congratulate FC Schalke 04 for their victory and wish them an equally successful next season!

 Production: Potsdamer Feuerwerk Vertriebs GmbH
 Project Management: Björn Wilhelm
 Pyro-Design: Thomas Schenkluhn
 Laser-Design: Max Weidling
 Programming: Thomas Schenkluhn, Max Weidling
Firing system: Galaxis Pyrotec Advanced Serie

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