10th Pyronale: And the audience award goes to Potsdamer Feuerwerk!

Potsdamer Feuerwerk receives audience award at fireworks world championship

For the Potsdamer Feuerwerk team it was the most awesome birthday present for their 25th company anniversary. At the 2015 fireworks world championship in Berlin they became winner of the day, gained the audience award and were awarded third place in the overall ranking. The handing over of the Pyronale cup at the Olympic stadiums’ Maifeld was a very special moment. The team, headed by show designer Thomas Schenkluhn, demonstrated their belonging to the world’s best in the top-level competition.

The tastes of both the audience and jury were met with the title selection for the freestyle part of the competition. The music was a rapid journey from Berlin to Hamburg and back again, consisting of songs from Farin Urlaub Racing Team, Sarah Connor, Jan Delay and Nena, ending with a song from Harald Juhnke, one of Berlins greatest sons.

Every year the best pyrotechnicians in the world come to Berlin in order to illuminate the nighttime sky with their artworks in front of approximately 60,000 spectators. The team of the German capital competed against competitors from Spain, England, Slovakia, Finland and Mexico.

Firework of the superlative:
10 pyrotechnicians
1,000 bombs
6,000 ignition points
20,000 metres of ignition wire
approximately 300 different shooting positions
more than nine tons of pyrotechnic effects from all over the world, produced in Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and China
more than six months of intense preparation

 Production: Potsdamer Feuerwerk Vertriebs GmbH
 Project Management: Björn Wilhelm
 Show Design: Thomas Schenkluhn, Torsten Klewer
 Ignition Technology: Galaxis Pyrotec Advanced Serie

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