Robert Kandler

Pyro Technician


Robert Kandler was born in Berlin in March 1965. Trained as a plumber and fitter for gas installations, he worked as an all-round handy-man for a large housing association when he first went to see a proper firework display with some friends in 1994. Enticed and made curious, he watched more and more shows and came to a decision: this is what I want to do in life! He attained his state certificate as an authorized pyrotechnician in 1995 and started his career at Pyro-Partner GmbH, changing to Potsdamer Feuerwerk some time later.

He’s been at his work with heart and soul here ever since. One of his most favorite firework displays put on was the one in Macao in 2004, at the 16th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest. The over one thousand bombs and the overwhelming organizational effort fascinated him immensely. The “Energy in the Park”, or “Stars for Free” fire-shows are also some of his favorites, and he has very fond memories of wedding fireworks which he was able to display – he says that it is always really rewarding to give the happy couple one more joy on their most special day. Away from work, Robert Kandler is a complete family guy, one who is kept very busy by his second child, his son Nico, who was born in July 201


Fon: 030 / 720 031-36

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