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Jens Kürsten



Already in his early childhood, Jens Kürsten, born in Ludwigsfelde in 1986, established his love of fireworks – initially, however, curbed by his parents’ caution. After passing his A-levels in Berlin, he started an apprenticeship to be a chemical-technical assistant.

Nevertheless, he stayed incredibly interested in the job of a pyrotechnician, and so he caught up on the possibility of working extra-professionally as such. In the summer of 2006, his path led him to Potsdamer Feuerwerk, where in 2008 he was finally issued with his certificate of competence. As a pyrotechnician, he shot many fireworks displays by now and even is the main culprit pyrotechnician for the annual New Year’s Eve fireworks on Berlin’s concert house at the Gendarmenmarkt.

Fireworks being let off from rooftops are his speciality. Therefore, his teammates from Potsdamer Feuerwerk gave him the tongue-in-cheek epithet “roof specialist”. Fireworks keep fascinating him time and time again; especially the one on the occasion of the Hamburg Hafengeburtstag in 2012 was outstanding and imposing to him. Nevertheless, he also enjoys remembering his earlier ones, e.g. one of his first fireworks at Energy in the Park in 2006.

The several minute shows of light and sound give him a great deal of pleasure and the satisfactory feeling that this was fully worth preparing and building up the fireworks display all day long in any wind and weather.


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