Fred Neuß

Pyro Technician


Born in 1967, Fred Neuß started a career at Berlin’s public transport company at the age of 23, initially as a trained painter and decorator, but ending up as a media adviser to the organization. Fairly late in life he set his sights on work in pyrotechnics, beginning with an apprenticeship to become a pyrotechnician in 2007, successfully completing the training two years later. In his job as a pyrotechnician for Potsdamer Feuerwerk, he is continuously thrilled by how music can be artistically complemented by fireworks, and he loves the fact that fascinating and memorable moments can be created with these tools. He especially likes baroque fireworks and his own creations with quiet effects for weddings, and pyro-shows at castles and palaces. Frequently he plans and designs these displays with his girlfriend who shares his fascination for fireworks.

If he doesn’t watch his own creations with a measure of pride and a very critical eye, he particularly enjoys the pyro-shows of his colleague Thomas Schenkluhn: for him as a perfectionist, those shows are always a special joy. Known as the likeable joker amongst his colleagues, he is also – and not paradoxically – known as a stickler for safety. His stepdaughter has also been infected with the fireworks virus, so you can say that Fred Neuß and his two ladies really are a fireworks-family.


Fon: 030 / 720 031-0

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