Björn Wilhelm

Managing Director / CEO


Björn Wilhelm was born in Berlin in 1978 and is one of those lucky people who can claim to have turned their passion into their job. While enlisted in the army for five years, he was active as a training officer for explosives specialists and discovered his fascination with pyrotechnics. He began his training to become a pyro technician at Potsdamer Feuerwerk GmbH in Berlin while still in the army, and his qualities and dedication prompted the company to offer him a position after his training was finished in 2005.

His professionalism and ambition helped him become managing director of Potsdamer Feuerwerk in only two years. Since taking the helm in 2007, Björn Wilhelm has been responsible for the internal management and administration of the company, and apart from managing the company successfully, he continues to impress with his pyrotechnical know-how, demonstrating it by acting as the project manager for most events.

He has gathered an incredible wealth of experience not only at large events in Germany, such as the Energy In The Park, Klassik Open Air Berlin or the anniversary celebrations of the Berlin central station, but also at international venues in Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand.


Fon: 030 / 720 031-69

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