Potsdamer Feuerwerk stages new event format with lasers, flames, fog and fireworks

Take a creative idea for an event format, an experienced partner, develop a common show concept and a relevant event title – et voilà, the result is a great event full of laser shows, light installations and pyrotechnics that will give thousands of enthusiastic spectators a great evening: Showlights.

Thanks to the positive feedback from the guests, the event has become a fixed date in Grün Berlin’s calendar of events since its premiere in October 2018. On two consecutive evenings, visitors can expect spectacular multimedia shows as well as LED pixelpoi and fire shows by LOOOOP and Voice of Violin. So far the Open Air Arena in the Gärten der Welt has been sold out to the last seat on both days.

The stage programme is aimed at all age groups and musical tastes: from a kids’ show to a futuristic “space” show and a party show, the perfect combination of rousing music, impressive laser shows, precisely timed pyrotechnical accents as well as huge flame effects and countless streamers will thrill the audience.

Since 2019, Showlights has also heralded the opening of the Magical FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Gardens. As part of the Berlin FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, around 30 light installations will give the entire park a very special flair over a period of two weeks. Here, too, our show lasers  did a great job in the arena: In addition to the classical beam effects, our laser mapping in particular attracted and astonished visitors.

potsdamer-feuerwerk-showlights-2018-gaerten der welt-multimediashow-lasershow-20-DSC00986
potsdamer-feuerwerk-showlights-2018-gaerten der welt-multimediashow-lasershow-21-DSC00830
potsdamer-feuerwerk-showlights-2018-gaerten der welt-multimediashow-lasershow-22-DSC00954

A very special highlight awaited the passengers of the park’s own cable car. The light installations there could be “experienced” in the truest sense of the word, because the starry sky like installations consisting of several million light points could only unfold their full magic when viewed from the cable car cabin.

Production: Potsdamer Feuerwerk Vertriebs GmbH
 Project management: Björn Wilhelm
• Laser-Design: Martin Kudyba
 Pyro-Design: Thomas Schenkluhn, Torsten Klewer
 Ignition technology: Galaxis Pyrotec Advanced Series
 Photos: Jan Schugardt

Potsdam fireworks expresses gratitude to their partner

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