Glamorous Pre-Opening-Show: „Das Wunder von Bern“ at the Stage Theater an der Elbe

For the grand pre-opening show of the new venue of the musical „Das Wunder von Bern“ – the Stage Theater an der Elbe in Hamburg – there was a spectacular multi-media show combining light, laser and fireworks to set the audiences’ mood for the event. Working closely together with light designer Jerry P. Appelt , we adapted colour schemes, positioning and type of the effects to the dramaturgy and the existing architecture.

For the perfect harmonization of laser-, light- and pyrotechnic effects in the overall staging, we applied the pyro-effects in different areas of the building: as architecture-fireworks directly on and at the front of the building, as proximity fireworks in front of it and as high altitude fireworks behind the theatre. The result was a sparkling thousand effects to dazzle the eye and do justice to a theatre opening.

At exactly 18.23 hours, Hamburg’s mayor Olaf Scholz, “Stage” company owner Joop van den Ende and the Managing Director of Stage, Uschi Neuss, set off the show-opening fireworks on the opposite bank of the Elbe river in Hamburg’s harbour via remote firing switches. A ferry shuttle then took guests to the southern Elbe bank where the new theatre is located, and where the very first advance showing of the new musical about Germany’s victory at the 1954 world football championship was then enjoyed. Production management of the overall show was in the hands of Michael Steuber, Managing Director of  Agentur 360Grad.

 Pyro-Design: Thomas Schenkluhn
Firing system: Galaxis Pyrotec Advanced Serie
Light design: Jerry P. Appelt

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