Brandenburg Summer Evening

Pyro-Musical crowns the summer event of the WirtschaftsForum Brandenburg and the federal state government for over 10 years

The Brandenburg Summer Evening has been a meeting spot for representatives from arts, culture, business and politics for 20 years now. Every year the WirtschaftsForum Brandenburg and the Brandenburg state government invite about 3,000 guests to their summer party in the most beautiful locations of Potsdam.

Local companies from the Berlin-Brandenburg region show what makes the economic area so attractive and what opportunities it provides. As a long-time partner of the Brandenburg Summer Evening, we also take the opportunity to provide friends, customers and business partners with a small insight into our work in our pavilion. Here, in a relaxed atmosphere, we have the ideal possibility for nice conversations and for making new contacts.

The entertainment program on the various stages is as diverse and multifaceted as the region itself. In addition to live cooking of local dishes, theater performances as well as numerous bands and show acts provide a pleasant atmosphere for the guests.

Brandenburger Sommerabend
Brandenburger Sommerabend
Brandenburger Sommerabend

Until 2014 the event took place on the area of the historical Bornstedt Crown Estate, which is part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage and provided a unique ambience for the festivities. It offers not only optimal conditions for the numerous stands, pavilions and stages, but also for our splendid closing fireworks. This was ignited from a large open area behind the Bornstedter See and created an impressive overall picture with its water reflections. The fireworks on the night sky over Potsdam brought the summer festival to a wonderful end.

The moving to the international art and culture quarter Schiffbauergasse in Potsdam opened up many new possibilities for the participants and the entertainment program as well as for our pyro-musical. Due to its location directly at the Tiefer See, the fireworks can now be launched from a pontoon on the water. From the shore of the area all guests have an excellent view of the performance and the beautiful light reflections of the lake. After the show, exhibitors and guests will conclude the Brandenburg summer evening together at the after-show party.

Production: Potsdamer Feuerwerk Vertriebs GmbH
Project-Management: Björn Wilhelm
Pyro-Design: Thomas Schenkluhn
Photos & Videos: Jan Schugardt, Elena Gesch, Willy Rusche

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