Thomas Schenkluhn

Creative Director


Thomas Schenkluhn is seen as one of Germany’s most creative pyro-designers. Born in 1973, the Berliner discovered his passion for fireworks already as a young child. Turning this passion into a job was more owed to coincidence though. As a customer of our affiliated company Pyro-Partner, he was offered the opportunity to partake in creating a fireworks display off himself.

He didn’t need to be asked twice and was so thrilled by the experience that he started an apprenticeship soon after the event. In record time – he only needed one year instead of two-and-a-half – he finished his training and started to work for our company on a freelance basis as a pyro technician. He proved to be a very innovative and ambitious employee and was promoted to production manager for our pyro-shows in September 2007. In this job he is responsible for the smooth run of large-scale projects, show planning, materiel purchasing and human resource planning.

His highest priority is always to give the audience the perfect show. He doesn’t just see the job as an occupation, but as part of his life. All his qualities gave him the reputation of being a master in his field, and he has proven his expertise in events in Macao, Singapore and Vietnam. In his free time he is an enthusiastic canoeist and go-kart driver.


Fon: 030 / 720 031-59

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