Steffen Müller

Pyro Technician


Born in 1979, Steffen Müller is a passionate pyrotechnician: already in his childhood he developed a fascination for this art which never diminished over the years and still drives him today. After an apprenticeship as a fitter for heating and ventilation systems he and his girlfriend started their own dry-cleaning business. During the preparations for their own company’s New Year’s Eve party, he used the opportunity to an in-depth talk about our type of business with an expert from our company, and soon enough he was researching ways to start a career in this industry. A short time later, he started to work in our firm, and while he can name many personal highlights past, he has especially fond memories of the work at the overwhelming fireworks in Singapore and for the 1000-year Anniversary of Hanoi.


Fon: 030 / 720 031-0

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