Chinese Mooncake Celebration 2017

Potsdamer Feuerwerk worships moon

On 23 September, 2017, as part of IGA 2017, the 17th traditional Chinese Mooncake Celebration took place in the Chinese garden of Berlin’s Gardens of the World. The moon getting round and full takes center stage of the festival and is being celebrated as a sign of harmony and unity. The celebration “under the moon” was accompanied by a colorful stage show with music and traditional dancing as well as typical Chinese cuisine like for example moon cakes in various flavors from sweet to salty.

A delightful brightly colored lantern procession of illuminated lampions initiated the closure of the Mooncake Celebration. The actual finale, and so to speak the highlight of the celebration, was a combined production of a splendid baroque fireworks as well as a laser show above the Chinese lake, accompanied by Chinese music.

Chinesisches Mondfest 2017 Laserprojektion auf Bäume Drache
Chinesisches Mondfest 2017 Feuerwerk
Chinesisches Mondfest 2017 Laserprojektion auf Bäume Mond

Lasers and shooting positions were placed around the lake. Various atmospheric motifs (moon, pagoda, Chinese dragon) were projected onto nearby trees. The reflections on the wa-ter generated in this process perfectly set the scene for the picturesque backdrop of the Chinese garden.

 By order of IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH
Production: Potsdamer Feuerwerk Vertriebs GmbH
 Project Management: Björn Wilhelm
• Pyro Design: Torsten Klewer
Laser Design: Martin Kudyba
Photos: Jan Schugardt

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