Showlights 2018:
Potsdamer Feuerwerk stages new event format with lasers, flames, fog and fireworks

Take a creative idea for an event format, an experienced partner, develop a common show concept and a relevant event title – et voilà, out comes a great evening full of laser shows, lighting installations and pyrotechnics, which gave thousands of enthusiastic spectators a great evening: Showlights.

On the 5th and 6th of October 2018, the premiere of Showlights in cooperation with our long-time partner Grün Berlin took place in the Gardens of the World on the stage of the Open Air Arena. The light and fire shows by LOOOOP completed the program and enchanted the guests. At the beginning the Walkacts of LOOOOP greeted the good-humored guests with the big ladies and “Ponyboy”. As part of the show program, they then presented their LED pixel poishow and a fire show, which was accompanied with laser and pyrotechnics.

Another peculiarity of the concept: bad weather does not detract from the mood. Because the darker or foggy the evening is, the brighter the lasers twinkle and light up the lights on showlights.

showlights 2018 open air arena gaerten der welt feuerwerk flammen nebel
showlights 2018 gaerten der welt lasershow gruen
showlights 2018 gaerten der welt lasershow feuerwerk nebel

Showlights created an unforgettable evening with perfectly coordinated technology in combination with rousing music and fascinating artist performances. The different and unique shows were aimed at all age groups and music tastes. Whether to famous children’s film songs or titles that wrote music history: The multimedia shows with lasers, flame projectors and pyrotechnics were perfectly matched to the music.

A very special highlight awaited the passengers of the cable car at the mountain station. The light installation there only got tangible with the view from the cable car cabin; a star-sky-like installation of several million points of light unfold all its magic then.

Production: Potsdamer Feuerwerk Vertriebs GmbH
 Project management: Björn Wilhelm
• Laser design: Martin Kudyba
 Show design: Thomas Schenkluhn
 Ignition technology: Galaxis Pyrotec Advanced Series
 Photos: Jan Schugardt

Potsdam fireworks expresses gratitude to their partner

showlights 2018 gruen berlin logo

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